Two-channel system for customs clearance and control is applied in passenger customs control zone of "Zvartnots” International Airport.

The "green" channel is a specified area in the arrival zone designed for transportation through customs border of such personal goods by physical persons in accompanied luggage, which are not subject to customs declaration,  these persons do not have unaccompanied luggage at the same time.

The ''red'' channel is a specified area in the arrival zone designed for transportation by physical persons through customs border of goods subject to customs declaration, as well as of goods that are declared upon the desire of a physical person.

The two-channel system is not applied at Official Delegations Hall in the arrival zone.

Customs control of imported air cargo is performed in "Armenia” International Airports” Cargo Terminal, where “Zvartnots” Customs House is located. Cargo check is performed with new equipment, including X-ray equipment, one of which, the biggest one in the republic, is installed in "Cargo” Terminal, too. It allows checking large-volume cargo in the shortest possible time.

Every week "Zvartnots” Customs House organizes professional consultations, during which you have the opportunity to get information about the changes made in the customs legislation, as well as receive clarifications from relevant specialists regarding various issues arising in relations with customs bodies. For detailed information, please, visit the website

VAT Refund

When leaving the Republic of Armenia, before crossing the border checkpoint, you have the right to claim the VAT you have paid for goods purchased from the stores that offer "Tax Free'' shopping in Armenia.