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ARFF service

Since 2007 "Armenia” International Airport CJSC has assumed the management of "Zvartnots” International Airport fire service, which was renamed AIA Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service.
In compliance with the international norms requirements, the principal objective of the airport ARFF service is to save lives by providing a prompt response to any emergency situation occurring in the vicinity of the airport. ARFF service also pursues the objective of ensuring the flights, aviation equipment and constructions fire safety. For the sake of successful execution of its objectives, AIA ARFF service carries out fire preventive measures, retains constant control over the aircrafts parking stations and the airport ramp area, timely detects and prevents fire safety violations on the aircrafts maintenance, and in case of fire bursts, undertakes their detection and efficient fire fighting, and people and material values’ evacuation.

Immediately after ARFF service integration with AIA CJSC, ARFF station building has been completely rebuilt. After the complete overhaul, the rescue station has a modern design and is properly furnished.
To date ARFF station has the infrastructural facilities such as a training room, where recurring trainings are conducted, a kitchen, a large dining-sitting room, a dormitory, a cloak-room, rest rooms, a gym, etc. Pursuing the aim of ensuring the prompt and efficient response of ARFF service, a new audible and light alarm system was installed in the new ARFF station. The new alarm system is loud enough to be heard distinctly over the ARFF station where ARFF responders spend duty time.

AIA CJSC has purchased 3 US-made Oshkosh Striker-3000 modern ARFF vehicles, the performance factors of which meet the international norms requirements: Acceleration – 0-80 km/h in 35 seconds, top speed – 112 km/h, amounts of extinguishing agents: water - 3000 gallons (11350 liters), foam - 420 gallons (1590 liters), dry chemical powder - 225 kg. The discharge rate of the water pump is 125 liters per second, and that of the roof turret alone is 85 liters per second. The fire fighting system of Striker-3000 fire truck is designed so that either water or foam can be shot even when the truck is in motion or maneuvering over rough terrain.
Owing to Striker-3000 ARFF vehicles and effective actions of the skilful staff there was no victim on "Belavia” air company CRJ-100R aircraft accident dated February 14, 2008, therefore, various organizations and companies of the world, as well as the presidents of Belarus and Armenia expressed their thankfulness and gratitude to AIA CJSC. AIA CJSC received a letter of thankfulness on behalf of "Belavia” Belarusian Airlines” National Air directorate.

The process of equipping AIA ARFF service with modern fire fighting tools and equipment is still in progress, pursuing the aim to make "Zvartnots” International Airport, from the rescue and fire fighting standpoint, the safest and the modern one in the region in the nearest future .