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Call center numbers:
(+374 10) 493 000
(+374) 1-87


Working as part AIA you may be entitled to some of these benefits:


We provide a transportation service to all our employees to and from airport at morning and evening hours. The transportation is realized by comfortable modern buses available in several direct routes to Yerevan city as well as to Ejmiadzin town.


Healthcare is a primary need and a well motivated employee should always feel that he/she and his/her family are cared about. That’s why we provide a comprehensive insurance cover to all of our employees and their family members, which includes all the major hospitals and clinics of Armenia and is completely free of charge to the employee.

Other benefits:

We continuously work on to provide better conditions for our staff. This ranges from better rest rooms and sanitary facilities to a flexible incentive system which is now being implemented in several areas of the company. AIA may have a high performance culture, but this is matched by the high levels of support we offer, always aiming at rewarding and promoting the employees who demonstrate strong working attitude and professional excellence.
Armenia International Airports CJSC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected status or characteristic. Nothing in this site constitutes a promise or offer of employment.