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Aviation Security Department of "Zvartnots” International Airport is a structural department of "Armenia” International Airports” Closed Joint Stock Company. Aviation security department has the following structure:

a/ Access Control subdivision

b/ Passemger and baggage control subdivision
c/ Pass and control subdivision
d/ Technical security subdivision
Security Manager of "Zvartnots” International Airport is the head of the department who is assigned to this position by General Manager of "Armenia” International Airports” Closed Joint Stock Company. The tasks and functions of the department are defined in compliance with the regulations of aviation security of "Zvartnots” International Airport.
The department performs the following tasks:
a/ protection of the airport territory, objects and aircrafts
b/ search procedure of passengers, their carry-on baggage, baggage, cargo, post, aircraft facilities, the aircraft crew, their carry-on baggage, employees of organizations performing their activities in special restricted areas of the airport in specially furnished check-point designated for that purpose,

c/ issuing of passes to employees and vehicles of organizations performing their activities at "Zvartnots” International Airport, and pass and in-objective control in the restricted and special restricted areas of the airport,
d/ surveillance by 100 video cameras over the whole procedure of the aircraft territory and passenger proceeding

e/ current serving of security technical facilities

f/ ensures preventive measures in case of acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation activity ensures with the part referring to it:


In accordance with the new regulations of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and EU civil aviation security, as well as RA Government N 1144-N resolution as of 08.10.08, from February 2, 2009 the transportation of liquids by the passengers departing from Yerevan "Zvartnots” and Gyumri "Shirak” international airports should be done in compliance with the new rules. Namely, the passengers should carry the liquids only in their luggage. Liquids in bottles with up to 100 ml capacity can be transported in hand baggage (the maximum capacity being 1 liter).

The regulation refers to all kinds of liquid products, aerosols, gels, as well as the mixtures of liquids and solid substances/ cans, pastes, cosmetic means, etc. The liquid products exceeding the capacity of 100ml won’t be permitted to be carried in passenger hand baggage.
The products with capacity of 100ml can be carried only in special transparent plastic bags, which are to be checked separately, and should not be opened till the end of the flight.
The medicine and baby food necessary during the flight can be transported without special plastic bags.
It is worth mentioning that this is done taking into consideration the passengers’ safety.