Cooperation announcement

“Armenia” International Airports” CJSC hereby invites all the interested legal entities to participate in the selection process of HUM transfer service provider at Zvartnots International Airport Cargo Terminal.

The initial requirements to be met by the applicants are:

  • Provide proper loading, unloading and transportation of HUM shipments in accordance with international handling standards, marking and labeling (two arrows and mention about the head location);
  • Ensure cooling regime in the vehicle during the transportation from the Cargo Terminal and in the provider’s premises;
  • Maintain correspondence with all international shippers and airlines, replying their HUM requests by email within 60 minutes;
  • Ensure availability of a vehicle at the airport area to carry out fastest transportation from the Cargo Terminal into the provider’s premises within 30 minutes from the moment of acceptance of the shipment from the Cargo Terminal;
  • Ensure proper segregation of HUM shipment in vehicle, excluding loading it together with foodstuff or live animals;
  • Provide secure lashing of the HUM in the vehicle in order to avoid any movement or damage of the shipment.

All the applicants meeting the above mentioned requirements should submit their participation requests to the following email addresses:

To: nbilbulyan@aia-zvartnots.aero  

CC: lsoghomonyan@aia-zvartnots.aero  

18.01.2020 - 16.02.2020

Looking forward to our future cooperation.  

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