Zvartnots International Airport certified by ACI for carbon emission reduction

Zvartnots International Airport certified by ACI for carbon emission reduction

Zvartnots International Airport’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases have been recognized internationally as the airport recently received Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 certification.

Thanks to numerous energy-saving measures in recent years, Zvartnots International Airport has succeeded in containing its greenhouse gasses even as the airport terminal has physically expanded and passenger and aircraft traffic grew exponentially.
“Protecting the environment is a priority for Corporacion America,” stated Marcelo Wende CEO of Zvartnots International Airport and added; “The organization constantly works to ensure that its practices meet environmental standards in the industry.  We adopted policies to reduce waste and cap greenhouse gases that have made “Zvartnots” International Airport one of the most energy-efficient airports in the Caucasus. This certification underscores that our efforts to limit the emissions from our own energy use are heading in the right direction.”

Marcelo Wende added as well that, “Sustainable business activity is fundamental to Zvartnots International Airport’s ability to meet the challenges of the future, and grow and compete in the region. We believe that controlling and reducing carbon emissions contributes positively to environmental sustainability and aligns with our energy and fuel management approach.”
Noted, that Airport Carbon Accreditation is a global carbon management certification program established by the Airports Council International (ACI). The program provides airports with a common framework for active carbon management with measurable goals. The carbon emissions of each airport are independently verified using an evidence-based approach in accordance with ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas Accounting).

Zvartnots International Airport is one of two operating airports in Armenia that has a passenger flow of 3M per year. 


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