Struggle against pandemic with modern solutions

COVID-19 caused indescribable major losses to millions of people, thousands of organizations and companies.

The epidemic has had an impact on activity of Zvartnots International Airport. Our annual passenger flow of 3 million was decreased by 98 %.

Before returning to the regular routine of life we have committed ourselves to ensuring not only the safe flights for the passengers but also to the provision of all the necessary conditions for protecting them from coronavirus.

To that effect during the petrol service aviation security employees will distantly measure the passengers’ temperature with the help of “smart” helmets, the baggage and carry-on items will be safely disinfected, the required social distance will be kept both between the passengers and between our employees with the help of the linear markings and signs, the protective separators placed at the airport. While for hands disinfection the required disinfectant liquids are available.  

We are ready to face all the challenges of the pandemic and we are sure that we will overcome it with our unified efforts.

Our trips and your trips are only starting and the beautiful moments of life are still to come.




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