List of COVID-19 testing laboratories

From now on, if a person entering into the territory of the Republic of Armenia doesn’t have symptoms of the coronavirus and hasn’t been hospitalized, he or she may choose to either self-isolate for 14 days or take a PCR test during self-isolation and, if the person tests negative, he or she won’t have to self-isolate anymore.

Below you can find a list of COVID-19 testing laboratories:


The list of laboratories has been replenished by two companies:
"Diagen Plus" LLC, address: Davtashen 4th district, T. Petrosyan 47/4, tel .: +374 11 250 199,
"Biomed" LLC, address: Tadevosyan St., 5 Building, Building 2, tel .: +374 10 48 38 79  or +374 10 66 38 79 033.

Sampling for PCR testing for the causative agent of coronavirus is performed in almost all private medical centers in Yerevan.

It should be noted that during self-isolation, PCR sampling should be performed exclusively by laboratory specialists executed at the individual’s self-isolation location.

A person has no right to leave the place of self-isolation until he or she receives a negative test result.

*The list of laboratories conducting laboratory tests on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the Republic of Armenia is defined by the RA Minister of Health instruction No. 04-C as of 13.05.2020.

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